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Our Total Impact Since 2020

10,754 lbs

Total litter removed during our events

1,468 lbs

Plastic, metal & glass diverted from landfill


Community Cleanup events organized


Volunteers participated in cleanup events

About The Litter Legion

The Litter Legion started in the summer of 2020

to help address the impacts of $106 million in pandemic-related budget cuts to the NYC Department of Sanitation.


Since then we have hosted over 95 group cleanups with over 1,300 participants, including at least 350 unique volunteers.

Our goal is to encourage residents to take an active role in keeping their communities clean.

T-Shirt Contest Winners (2).png

The Merch Store is Live!

Congratulations to Lisa Koeber,  winner of our 2023 T-Shirt Design Contest with her Retro Raccoon design.

We also selected three runner ups, Minna Lee's Trashformer, Chelsey Hill's Superhero Trash Rat and Debo Gaffaney's Litter Legion Classic

Additional styles & colors available!

Get Involved with The Litter Legion

Whether you're looking to connect with others in the neighborhood while helping a cause or want to fly solo, we got you covered.


Join your neighbors for a group cleanup

Grab a kit with bags & gloves for solo cleanup

"There is no trash cannot,
There is only trash can!"

We are an all volunteer run 501c3 non-profit organization that relies on public donations to purchase clean up supplies & organize fun events for our volunteers and the community. Support our work with a donation

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