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Our Total Impact Since 2020

11,114 lbs

Total litter removed during our events

1,468 lbs

Plastic, metal & glass diverted from landfill


Community Cleanup events organized


Volunteers participated in cleanup events

T-Shirt Contest Winners (2).png

Get Litter Legion Merch!

Congratulations to Lisa Koeber,  winner of our 2023 T-Shirt Design Contest with her Retro Raccoon design.

We also selected three runner ups, Minna Lee's Trashformer, Chelsey Hill's Superhero Trash Rat and Debo Gaffaney's Litter Legion Classic

Additional styles & colors available!

Get Involved with Litter Legion

Meet your neighbors & make new friends at one of our community cleanups!


Make a tax-deductible donation to support our ongoing efforts to clean up NYC and education the public on correct waste disposal methods

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Litter Legion Inc
322 West 52nd St #1778
New York, NY 10101-1778

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